Belger maintains and manages strategically located warehouses throughout our system to provide short- or long-term storage of nearly anything. Office furniture, records, appliances and equipment are only a few of the items that Belger has warehoused over the years. Sensitive medical equipment such as MRI machines are routinely entrusted to Belger’s superbly maintained warehouse. Belger warehouses comprise 1 million square feet (nearly 25 acres) of enclosed space. Outside storage is also available for used equipment awaiting disposal, construction trailers between jobs and other items that don’t require indoor storage.

Belger’s warehouse personnel can handle product arrival, storage, tagging, distribution and invoicing to dealers as part of our one-stop shopping approach.  All your storage and distribution needs including inventory control, billing and delivery can originate from one Belger location.  If necessary, you can even supply your own personnel with computer and mail systems to work out of our warehouse or distribution facility.

Warehouse personnel also work with businesses and facilities management professionals to provide office and commercial moving services.  With extensive experience servicing the hotel and hospitality industry, government agencies, and relocation companies, Belger is the company to depend on to coordinate moves across town or across the country.